Austin Summer Musical for Children

Austin Summer Musical for Children

Providing free theatrical performances for the children of Central Texas since 1987

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Austin Summer Musical for Children

What a great show run!

We had an awesome time bringing "The Wizard of Oz - Young Performers Edition" to the stage. We hope that those of you who experienced our event also had a wonderful time. Now we pack up, evaluate, and get ready for next year's show. Stay tuned for further developments. In the mean time, we will still be on the lookout for donations so that we can continue to bring our shows free to families. Please feel free to check out the opportunities in the "Support Us" tab to find ways you may be able to help. We hope to see you next year!

Buy A Brick

A new and fun way to donate to our group is our new "Fill In The Yellow Brick Road" page. If you have a paypal account or a credit card and $10, you can have your name "engraved" on our yellow brick road. Just click here.

Here's a list of our previous shows:
2014: “The Wizard of Oz-Young Performers Edition”
2013: “Peter Pan and His Lost Shadow”
2012: “Alice in Wonderland”
2011: “The Curious Case of Rumpelstiltskin”
2010: “Pirates of Pedernales”
2009: “Pinocchio”
2008: “Sour Grapes”
2007: “And the DISH Ran Away with the SPOON”
2006: “Bonkers’ Magic Toy Factory”
2005: “Peter Pan and His Lost Shadow”
2004: “Fractured Fairies and Tails”
2003: “Once Upon Another Book – Alice’s Wonderland”
2002: “Cinderella”
2001: “Magical Mystical Musical”
2000: “Hollywood Frogs”
1999: “Once Upon A Book”

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