Austin Summer Musical for Children

Austin Summer Musical for Children

Providing free theatrical performances for the children of Central Texas since 1987

(512) 605-9018 NEWS & EVENTS
Open Auditions
May 3 12:00 - 4:00
Boyd Vance Theatre
1165 Angelina St.
Austin, Tx.

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Assistant Director's Phone Number

Assistant Director's Phone Number

Auditions for Wizard of Oz!

The Austin Summer Musical for Children is looking for performers 18 years or older for our presentation of this timeless classic with script and music from the original motion picture. Auditions held at the Boyd Vance Theatre in the George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Arts Center at 1165 Angelina St. in Austin on Saturday, May 3, from noon to 4:00. You can walk in or call Debbie Touchet at 512-217-4911 to reserve an audition slot.

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